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Operating pressure: maximum recommended pressure according to the specifications of the cylinder "XD Series 200 Bar" and "XE 250 Bar". Recommended fluid mineral hydraulic oil, H-LP group (H-LP32), (H-LP46), (H-LP68).

Fluid filtering: Always keep efficient filters that must ensure a degree of +/- 25µ filtration.

Temperature of the fluid used: During the exercise, must be maintained preferably between 40 ÷ 50 ° C, avoiding to exceed 80 ° C. A high temperature reduces the viscosity of the fluid, resulting in poor lubrication of the moving parts, which reduces the performance and life of the cylinder.

Stem spill: During use, never subject the rod to radial loads.

Welding: Any welding of accessories on the cylinder bottom, or at the end of the stem, they must be carried out after having removed the stem completely. Before his return, ensure that the welds have cooled, it is necessary in a timely manner to protect the chrome rod, in order to prevent welding spatter can spoil, beyond repair.

N.B.: Avoid in the strongest terms the execution of welding on the outside diameter of the cylinder.

Painting: Possible coating the cylinder with oven drying, must be performed without exceeding the temperature of 80 ° C. To the cold coating of cylinder installed and stem leakage sure to use well-protected, so you do not have paint on it at the time of the return, to prevent damage to the wiper and rod seal.

Hazard: The product it self, are not dangerous, since the materials used for their production does not present danger whatsoever. However, in the moment in which are installed on machines or equipment, may create dangerous conditions, therefore, it is recommended to anyone running the installation, use of cylinders of dimensions suitable to the handling to be performed and to mount appropriate valves or external safety systems, in compliance with the standards to which the machines or equipment are subject. Consequently, we rise any liability for problems and damage caused by the above and from the misuse of the cylinder it self.

Warranty: It consists in the commitment to the free replacement or repair of products by us as being defective within one year from the date of our delivery, but does not extend to labor, any inconvenience or damage caused by fault or by normal wear, by a their misuse, as well as evidence of tampering. The return of defective products must be carried out, upon our authorization, ex warehouse, with details in the transport of the extremes of the relevant purchase invoice document.

Maintenance: The cylinder, installed with proper attention, it requires no special maintenance care during use, except that the replacement of worn seals. Particular attention, as already said, go to quality and to the impurities in the hydraulic circuit of the state of conservation of the fluid and elimination.

Statement: The products described in this catalog are designed for integration in machines which are covered EEC Directive 98/37 / EC (Machinery Directive), as amended. And 'forbidden to operate our products before the machine or plant in which they are incorporated it is declared in conformity with the provisions of the directive.

The illustrations, values relating to weights and measures in this catalog are not binding, but only estimates and therefore subject to change and technical modifications or commercial without any prior notice.

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